About Cornerstone

Our Beginning

In May of 1992, God planted this church in the city of Wilmington, Delaware. Rev Dunnigan conceived the vision for Cornerstone through prayer, fasting, meditating and relying on God’s word. He formed a Steering Committee of 12 people – people with willing hearts, committed wills, consecrated minds, renewed determination and faith-oriented vision.

The first steering meeting was held on Friday, May 2, 1992 and doors of Cornerstone Fellowship opened for worship fifteen days later Sunday, May17, 1992.

Meet Our Ministerial Staff


Rev. Samuel E. Lathem

Associate Minister

Rev. Lathem was ordained a Baptist Preacher in 1992 at the First Baptist Church of Morton, Pennsylvania by the New Hope Baptist Association. He currently serves as Associate Minister at Cornerstone Fellowship Baptist Church in Wilmington, Delaware.


Evangelist Bernadette Moore

Associate Minister

Evangelist Bernadette came to Cornerstone in 2009. Joining the church in 2010, Pastor Dunnigan asked her to continue to work in her capacity as an Evangelist.She was licensed in the United Holy Churches of America in 1977 as an Evangelist by Dr. Louvenia Dickerson.


Dr. Cecilia B. Dennery

Associate Minister

Dr. Cecilia B. Dennery is an ordained elder, author, actress playwright, poet, Bible scholar, founder of Doctrine 101 International School of Ministry, and a gifted communicator of God's Word. She has a profound grasp of the Word along with the God-given ability to explain deep Biblical truth with simplicity.